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Our diversified deep global reach is a testimony to our quality standards maintained by the Company. Today our 100% Natural Latex products have secured the best test results in the industry from globally accepted testing bodies such as ECO Institute, LGA Quality Test Germany, Oeko-Tex Switzerland, ABC, STROKE- USA, SATRA UK and GOLS-Netherlands.
We use the finest raw materials sourced directly from our fully owned plantations
We use authentic natural rubber (100% polymer). The production is free of petroleum chemical, synthetic fillers, ash or chalk.
We adhere to international standards approved by international independent institutions to ensure customer
  confidence and high quality.
We ensure a consistent supply of superior quality centrifuged latex.
We deploy state-of-the-art machinery in manufacturing of products.
Our advanced online quality control system monitors the process at all stages up to product delivery.
  Product Certifications :
This certificate evaluates recognition of “baby safe material and REACH standards. The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certificate is for 100% Natural Latex Foam Mattress, Pillows and their Accessories as well.
The detailed analysis of the content confirms that Arpico 100% Natural latex material conforms to the following :
This test evaluates the durability and the resilience characteristics of natural latex. Our rubber has got 99/100 in this test.
Our 100% natural flame retardant products comply with SATRA requirements.
ABC Research Corporation :
This test which is conducted in ABC labs, USA, evaluates the antibacterial efficacy of natural latex.
Twin City Testing Corporation/Stork :
Conducted by the Twin City Corporation, USA, this test evaluates the body interface pressure for latex products.
Conducted by the ECO Institute, Germany, this test evaluates the fillers, synthetic rubber and hazardous components and emissions in the product. ECO certification confirms that our products are free of fillers, synthetic rubber or hazardous particles, thus being certified as 100 % natural.
Richard Pieris Natural Foam’s latex blocks have been tested for its components with ECO certification over the last many years. Our products have no SBR and additional filler content and have passed with much higher ratings at the test.
We have been a member of the International Sleep Products Association, USA since 1989.
  SSA :
We have been a member of Specialty Sleep Association, USA
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